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Phillip's Fetching Birds 2015
A seasonal collection of New England and Maritime bird photographs for the coming year.

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A bird and a blurb of what I've been fetching lately... You can also see these images in your Facebook newsfeed by liking the birdaday page.

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About Phillip's Fetching Birds

This calendar grew out of my holiday gift to family and friends. Over the years enough folks have enjoyed it and asked to buy some to give away for their own gifts that I’ve made them available online to other birdlovers. The 2015 edition is my 11th calendar of bird photographs, though I've been publishing calendars of one sort or another since 1981.

The 12 photos in the calendar span the seasons with a variety of birds including familiar backyard ones as well as more rarely seen species. Most all of the photographs were fetched in New England and the Canadian Maritimes, though the center of my birding world is a 2 acre spit of land sticking into the Atlantic called Seapoint, just a mile walk from my home in Kittery Point, Maine.

For info and images of what I'm currently fetching, some of which may make it into next year's calendar, visit my daily blog called Birdaday, which can also be seen on my Facebook page called birdaday.

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